October 31, 2022

What is DolarApp?

DolarApp is a digital dollar (USDc) wallet for the hundreds of millions of people in Latin America that want to be banked in dollars. Our mission is simple yet ambitious: to ensure that every person in Latin America who was excluded from a stable economy, has financial liberty.

Through an account that you can create in 2 minutes, you can:

Move from pesos to USDc. And back.

With your pesos you can buy dollar USDc in seconds, without hidden fees and at the best USDc conversion rates. By holding USDc in your DolarApp balance, you earn 3% rewards paid every second. You can sell your USDc and receive back your pesos, anytime.

Spend like a local everywhere.

You can pay in pesos, dollars or any currency at the best exchange rates and with best in class cashback (4%) with the DolarCard - an international Mastercard card.

US account details as if you were there.

You get your own US account details so that you can receive local USD payments to your DolarApp account. Use them to send and receive payments from the US easily with a fix cost of $3 USDc for transaction.

We offer all these benefits without any hidden fees.

We are currently present in Mexico & Argentina, and plan to open operations in more countries in the region such as Colombia or Brasil.

Who we are?

Our team has deep experience in the FinTech and banking sectors, and have built product at companies like UBS, HSBC, and Revolut. We’re backed by Y Combinator and Kaszek, the same investors who helped create Rappi, Nubank, and Airbnb - and are supported by MasterCard.

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